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14 September, 2011

Remarkable Roadside Animal Attractions around the World

Everyone of us love to see the popular tourist attractions when traveling to various travel destinations like Europe, Australia, Asia, America, etc. These popular visitor attractions may be monuments, museums, parks, beaches, and much more. Many travelers love visiting the countryside, but how many love visiting a strange yet different attraction on the roadside. Yes, know some of the most amazing work of art on the roadside, popularly known as the roadside attractions around the world. Know the roadside animal attractions (listed in alphabetical order) around the world.

  1. American Bison, Jamestown, North Dakota
World's Largest Buffalo (Dakota Thunder), Jamestown, North Dakota
This tallest American Bison was built by Harold Newman, a businessman. This statue is 26 feet tall and 46 feet long. This statue was created mainly to attract visitors to Jamestown and I am sure they have succeeded.

This American Bison stands on the National Buffalo Museum and is one of the major roadside animal attractions around the world. Jamestown is nicknamed “The Buffalo City” after this giant American Bison structure; this structure itself has another name, which is Dakota Thunder.

  1. Big Duck, Flanders, New York
The Big Duck, Flanders, New York
Farmer Martin Maurer created big Duck in Flanders as a part of advertising. He and his wife were looking for a best place to sell their ducks and duck eggs. I would have never thought of creating a structure like this to sell duck eggs…amazing creativity, am I right?

Big Duck, why called so? The size of this unusual structure is 18 feet wide, 30 feet long and 20 feet tall. Over the years, Big Duck has been shifted to a few places; however, it was first constructed at the busy street of Riverhead town in New Jersey between 1930 and 1931. Big Duck is a structure made of ferrocement, a combination of Portland cement and sand. This roadside attraction was listed in 2008 on the National Register of Historic Places.

The advertising campaign of Martin Maurer was a great success as people started to throng Big Duck not only due to its prime location, but also because of its unusual and remarkable structure.

  1. Big Merino, Goulburn, New South Wales
World's Largest Sheep, Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia

Image source: Flickr
Big Merino is nicknamed “Rambo” by locals and has two shops in it; gift shop at first floor and wool display on the second floor. How big is Big Merino? It is 15 meter tall and is situated very close to the Hume Highway. This is one of the biggest roadside attractions in Australia. To get a clear view of the local area, you just have to climb to the top of the Big Merino and look through its eyes.

  1. Big Sheep and Sheep Dog, Tirau, New Zealand
Big Sheep and Dog, Tirau, New Zealand

Image source: Flickr
Big Sheep and Sheep Dog is the information i-SITE Visitor Center of New Zealand and is a major roadside attraction. This is a large corrugated iron building; it is also called as the Big Dog Information Center.

This information center contains lots of mural paintings painted by Fred Luckman, a Tirau artist.

  1. Dinosaur, Drumheller, Alberta
World's Largest Dinosaur, T-Rex

Image source: Flickr
This is the largest dinosaur in the world when it comes to roadside attractions and is actually a model of the dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex, or shortly T-Rex. This is made of fiberglass and is 25 m high and the length is 46 m. It is said that this structure is 4 times bigger than the size of an actual dinosaur.

There are 106 stairs in total, which the visitors can use to climb to reach the jaws (approximately 8 to 12 people can stand at the jaw at any given point of time) of the world’s largest dinosaur. From there, visitors can view the badlands; on the way to the top of the jaw, one can enjoy the mural paintings and fossils.

Hope you enjoyed these stunning animal roadside attractions across the world! Stay tuned for more roadside attractions.



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