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09 August, 2011

Enchanting Eight Highest Waterfalls of Africa

Waterfalls, aren’t they beautiful to look at? Imagine a scene of water gushing down to land at full speed…wow. Have you tried throwing stones in the water or leaving paper boats on them? I definitely have enjoyed making paper boats and leaving them on water. Here is a list of 8 highest waterfalls of Africa.

8. Victoria Falls, Zambia:

Victoria Falls, Zambia
Image via fotopedia

Victoria Falls also called, as Mosi-oa-Tunya is located in Zambia on Zambezi River. This is the eight highest waterfall of Africa with a total height of 108 m and the largest waterfall in the world. website has listed Victoria Falls as one of the seventh natural wonders of the world. The best feature of this fall is the naturally formed pool called the “Devil’s Pool.”

7. Ouzoud Falls, Morocco:

Ouzoud Falls, Morocco
Image via wikipedia

Ouzoud Falls in Morocco is the seventh highest waterfall of Africa with a height of 110 m and is located in the Grand Atlas village of Tanaghmeilt. Ouzoud means “olives” in Berber language and this falls got its name due to the abundance of olive trees near the falls.

6. Howick Falls, KwaZulu-Natal province:

Howick Falls, KwaZulu-Natal province

Image via wikipedia

Howick Falls is located in KwaZulu-Natal province with a total height of 111 m and lies on Umegeni River. The Zulu people originally called this falls as KwaNogqaza; KwaNogqaza means “Place of the Tall One.” A legendry tale says that a giant serpent like creature called “Inkanyamba” is residing at the bottom of the falls and those who offer prayers to sangomas can only reach this falls safely and return.

5. Maletsunyane Falls, Lesotho:

Maletsunyane Falls, Lesotho
Image via wikipedia

Maletsunyane Falls, with a total height of 192 m is located near Semonkong town in Lesotho. Maletsunyane Falls is horsetail type waterfall with the longest drop measuring 192 m. Semonkong means “The place of smoke” and this town got its name from the fog or smoke created by Maletsunyane Falls when it is falling into the gorge.

4. Kalambo Falls, Zambia:

Kalambo Falls, Zambia
Image via wikipedia

Kalambo Falls is a 235 m high waterfall in Zambia and is second highest uninterrupted falls in Africa. It is a treat to watch Lake Tanganyika from Kolambo falls. This falls was noticed initially by people in the year 1913 and was believed to be more than 300 m high, but the actual height was recently discovered.  

3. Livingstone Falls, Democratic Republic of Congo:

Livingstone Falls, Zambia
Image via fotopedia

Livingstone Falls was named after the explorer David Livingstone and is 270 m high. Livingstone falls may not be the highest waterfall of Africa, but definitely a largest waterfall in the world in terms of flow rate. The latter portion of Livingstone Falls contains group of cataracts called Inga falls and contains two large hydro power plants.

2. Mutarazi Falls, Zimbabwe:

Mutarazi Falls, also spelt as Mtarazi Falls is located in Zimbabwe and is 762 m high. This is the second highest waterfall in Africa and 17th highest in the world. When the river is flowing off the cliff one can clearly see two nearly indistinguishable drops flowing from it.

1. Tugela Falls, KwaZulu-Natal province:

Tugela Falls, KwaZulu-Natal province
Image via wikipedia

Tugela Falls is the highest waterfall in Africa with a total height of 948 m and is world’s second highest waterfall. It is located in KwaZulu-Natal province. Tugela Falls has two trails; one is to the top of Mount-Aux-Sources and the second one is from the Royal Natal National Park.

Feel like visiting these waterfalls? Watch out for more information about travel and travel destinations.


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