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04 August, 2011

Seven Splendid Adventure Travel Destinations in Europe

Are you a person who loves adventures? Do you wish to visit exotic and remote places? Are you interested in adventurous activities like mountaineering, bungee jumping, trekking, etc.? Here is a list of top 7 adventurous travel destinations in Europe.

  1. Switzerland
Snowboarding in Switzerland, a famous adventure travel destination
Image via ekstream

Switzerland tops the list of adventure travel destinations in Europe. Alps Mountains is the first thing that would run through our mind when thinking of Switzerland. Switzerland is famous for adventure travel like snowboarding, skiing, skating, glacier walking, air boarding, tobogganing, etc. It is definitely a best place for your adrenalin rush.

  1. Croatia
Croatia White water rafting
Image via flickr

National Geographic Adventure Magazine adjudged Croatia as “Destination of the Year” in 2006; there are many activities for travelers who love adventures. Croatia is full of mountains and highlands. Croatia is the best place for activities like camping, skiing, white water rafting, mountain biking, kayaking, etc.

  1. Austria   
Austria Ski slopes
Image via weisseroessl

Majority of the countries in Europe are famous for snowboarding and skiing. Austria has some of the world’s best and largest ski resorts. Austria also conducts ski races and nearly 85% of the world top skiers participate in it.

  1. Norway
Norway adventure travel hiking
Image via flickr

Norway is famous for its astonishing fjords and is a treat to the eyes to watch those beautiful mountains, valleys, rivers, waterfalls, etc. If you are an ardent fan of hiking, you have infinite opportunities in Norway; other adventurous travel sports would include skiing, rafting, trekking, cycling, mountaineering, sailing, kayaking, etc.

  1. Iceland
Iceland glacier hiking

Iceland is famous for hiking like Norway, but it is not easy to hike in Iceland. Iceland also boasts about frozen waterfalls and glaciers. Some of the famous adventure activities include ski touring, ski mountaineering, ice climbing, heli skiing, glacier hiking, etc.

  1. Malta  
Diving in Malta, the best place for diving lovers
Image via cultel

Malta is the best place for people who love diving; it is the perfect island for water sports during summer. Hike in the countryside of Malta if you wish to get a sneak preview of rural Malta. Go trekking to watch the beautiful and astonishing caves; sailing is another wonderful option in Malta.

  1. Spain
Canyoning in Spain

Spain offer endless opportunities for the lovers of activities like canyoning, white water sports, climbing, hiking, scuba diving and downhill skiing. Spain takes pride in having some of the best canyoning places.

Did you get a sneak preview of must see adventure travel destinations in Europe?


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