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17 August, 2011

Seven Tips to Pack Efficiently for Flight Travel

Packing for an air travel or flight travel requires lot of preparation. There are various reasons why you must prepare for packing luggage for air travel; these are:

  1. Air travel security restrictions
  2. Air travel carry on rules
  3. Baggage fee for excess luggage
  4. Carry on weight restrictions
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Here are seven packing tips to make your packing for airline travel simple and easy.

1. Determining the duration of your travel is a key to packing for air travel. What does duration have to do with packing? This determines things that need to be packed; for example; you might require only few dresses if the trip is for just 2-3 days and more if it is going to be a long one.

2. Know the baggage weight restrictions of the airlines as different airlines have different weight restrictions; weight restrictions also differ for domestic and international travel. Call up your airlines and find the weight restrictions allowed as this will help you avoid paying baggage fee for excess luggage.

3. Get a clear picture on things that can be packed in carry-on luggage and check-in luggage. In general, you must not carry sharp objects, flammable liquids, etc., in your carry-on luggage; certain items such as explosives, flammables, chemicals, aerosol paints, etc., can’t be kept even in check-in baggage. Majority of the airlines allow a separate laptop bag apart from carry-on luggage, but it is always good to make room for laptop in the carry-on luggage itself.

4. Prepare a checklist for your flight travel. Plan on things you will keep on the carry-on baggage and check-in baggage; find out if you need to buy anything for your travel, understand the weather conditions of your travel destination and see whether you need to take your thermals, raincoats, etc. Plan and prepare a thorough check-list to avoid confusions.

5. Start your packing with essential things for your travel like clothes, matching accessories, undergarments, shoes, etc. in your check-in baggage. Make sure you don’t pack too much of anything for your travel. It is advisable to look for options where you can mix-n-match your dress and accessories; less baggage always gives you more comfort. Please pay attention to the weight restrictions when you pack for your flight travel else you may have to pay for excess baggage.

6. Now, start packing your carry-on baggage; pack things like book, CD or mp3 player, hand sanitizer or cleanser, eye mask, travel documents, laptop, camera, etc. If you were able to restrict yourself with a backpack rather a big suitcase for your carry-on baggage, it would really be great. Keep travel documents in an easily accessible place in your carry-on baggage; don’t search for the documents when the authorities ask them.

7. Make sure you have at least one set of clothing in your carry-on baggage; this will come in handy if your baggage is either lost or delayed.

All the best for your safe flight travel! Happy traveling!



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