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04 August, 2011

Essential Things in Your First Aid Kit While Traveling

When planning on an international travel we tend to pack things like clothes, accessories to match the clothes, cosmetics, etc., but how many of us actually give importance or even think of packing a first aid kit? Is first aid kit essential when traveling? If yes, what things go inside a first aid kit?

Travel First Aid Kit
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Must Have Items in First Aid Kit

NOTE: It is always good to take the required immunizations and vaccinations at least 4-6 weeks before the departure date.

  1. Do you take certain medicines regularly? If yes, this should top the list in your first aid kit. Remember to take the prescription along with these medicines as you may find it useful when airport authorities ask you about these medicines.
  2. Are you allergic to certain food items or have an itchy skin or prone to skin allergies? If yes, make sure you take anti-allergic drugs with you along with the prescription.
  3. Drugs for pain, fever, inflammation, diarrhea, etc., as you may experience muscle cramps or body pain or fever when you travel long distances.
  4. Bandages are necessary in a first aid kit for minor cuts or bruises.
  5. Sunscreen lotion, lip balm, tweezers, thermometer, scissors, cotton swabs, safety pins etc.
  6. Antacids to combat digestive problems.
  7. Hand sanitizers, face tissue, insect repellent, and wipes.
Pack these items in a way you will be able to take them easily. The best way is to put each of these first aid kit items in small zip lock covers and then putting them all in the first aid kit. This will help you take things that you require easily.

Let me know if I have missed anything in the first aid kit list…


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