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29 July, 2011

Travel Insurance: Different Types of Travel Insurance

It is nice to see that you have understood the importance of travel insurance and is now looking for information on various types of travel insurance. There are numerous companies offering hundreds and thousands of travel insurance policies and is definitely a tough task to choose from a variety of options.

Here is a small overview of the types of travel insurance available for you.

  1. Cancelled Trip Travel Insurance:
There may be hundreds of reasons for you to cancel his/her trip; does that mean you have to lose the money you paid for your air tickets? Not really…you are eligible for a reimbursement of your prepaid expenses if you cancel your trip for the following reasons:

  1. You fell ill,
  2. A family member of yours is sick,
  3. Sudden death of a family member,
  4. Delay in travel due to bad weather.

  1. Single Trip Travel Insurance:
 Are you planning to go on a holiday with your family? If yes, single trip travel insurance is just for you; in general, single trip travel insurance covers cancellation of trip, medical cover, etc.

  1. Multi Trip Travel Insurance:
If you travel frequently or planning to go on a world tour, multi trip travel insurance come in handy for you. You just have to pay once, but travel many times; many insurance providers allow you to have unlimited number of trips during a 12-month period while certain providers specify the number of trips you are eligible for.

  1. Baggage Protection Insurance: 
There is every possibility of your baggage being lost, damaged, or stolen when you travel. Many passengers believe that airlines would reimburse when the baggage is either lost or damaged; this is partly true, but not always. Certain airlines reimburse for the damaged baggage, but not for the contents inside it. If you have valuables in your baggage, it is always best to get baggage protection insurance.

  1. Car Rental Insurance:
You have now reached your travel destination and have rented a car to go around the city; what will you do if your cab driver hits the cab? In such an instance, you may have to end up paying the money you have and will that not ruin your enjoyable vacation? Take a car rental insurance and enjoy your vacation.

  1. Medical Travel Insurance:
Majority of us believe that if we take a medical insurance in our country it is valid in foreign countries too; this is not true. If you fell ill when you are traveling to a foreign country, you have to shell out for your medical expenses and your insurance company will not take care of it. This is the major reason why you should go for medical travel insurance while traveling abroad.

Did you get an overview of the different travel insurance that are available to you? Take a travel insurance that is right for you and enjoy your vacation.


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