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19 July, 2011

Travel Insurance: The Importance of Travel Insurance

All of us look for a holiday to break our stress, don’t we? When talking about holidays three questions that comes to our mind would be “where, how and when”; there is another important question that we always fail to think about, what is it? It is travel insurance, in other words, holiday insurance.  

The importance of travel insurance

Travel insurance, why should I consider one when I wish to go on a holiday? Is travel insurance important to me? Is spending on travel insurance not a waste of money? Do you have these questions in your mind? If yes, it is time to understand the importance of travel insurance.

Do you agree with me that even a well-planned holiday can end up a big disaster if any of the following happens?

  1. Baggage is lost.
  2. Any of your personal possessions like laptops, cameras, etc., gets lost.
  3. You lost your passport.
  4. Cancelation of flights
  5. Airline declares bankruptcy.
  6. You suddenly fell ill.
  7. Affected by natural calamities like flood, fire, earthquakes, etc.
Given here are just a few things can ruin your perfect holiday. How can you safeguard yourself when any of these mishaps happen? This is where travel insurance comes in handy.

I totally understand why travel insurance is important, but I already have insured myself in my country, why should I buy one more insurance when I am traveling? In general, the insurance that you hold with an insurance company is valid only in your country; this will not protect you while traveling abroad.

The best advice would be not to risk your life when traveling and go for travel insurance. There are variety of travel insurances available; choose the travel insurance that suits your needs and get one.


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