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28 May, 2012

Australia: 10 Major Tourist Attractions in Sydney

Sydney is not only a big city in Australia, but also a great place for scenic views, nightlife, aquariums, parks, and much more. It was found that in the year 2008, Sydney received close to 2.7 visitors from all over the world. When talking about Australia or Sydney, the first point of visitor attraction that comes to our mind is the Sydney Opera House. It is definitely one of the major attractions, but there are other tourist attractions too. Discover some of the major points of tourist attractions in Sydney here.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Panoramic view of Sydney Harbour Bridge from the north shore of Kirribillli

Image courtesy: Wikipedia
Sydney harbour is one of the world’s most beautiful natural harbours and the Sydney Harbour Bridge carries almost all modes of transportation between Sydney Central Business District and the North Shore; it is a steel bridge. Sydney Harbour Bridge holds a Guinness World Record for the widest long-span bridge in the world. One of the major tourist attractions of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is the south-east pylon; one can access this through a pedestrian walkway. It is a major tourist attraction almost all through the year, but it is at its best during the New Year Eve.

Sydney Opera House

View of Sydney Opera House at night
When talking about Australia can anyone forget the famous Opera House? Sydney Opera House is the one of the most distinctive buildings of the 20th century that was conceived by a Danish Architect named Jorn Ultzon. This building entered the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the year 2007. There are multiple performing avenues in this building and is a chief tourist attraction in Sydney. One can find a lot of recording studios, cafes, retail outlets, restaurants, and much more in this distinguishing building.

Royal Botanical Gardens

A pond at the Royal Botanical Gardens

Image courtesy: wikipedia
The total area of the Royal Botanical gardens is 30 hectares and is the most central of the three botanical gardens present in Sydney and maintained by the trust of “The Domain.” It is situated east of Sydney Opera House. If you wish to see fruitbats and grey-headed flying foxes, the best place to visit is the Royal Botanical Gardens; however, for the past couple of years, huge recorded sounds are played to drive away the fruitbats as they destroy the trees in the garden. The garden is opened on all days throughout the year.

Luna Park

The current face at the entrance of Luna Park
Luna Park is an amusement park located at Milsons Point, the northern shore of Sydney Harbour. This amusement park was opened in the year 1935, which was then opened to the public only for nine months a year; however, after 1972, this park is opened all year-round. This park was closed often for repair works and renovations, but is now functional till date from 2004. This amusement park holds a place in the New South Wales State Heritage Register. The main point of attraction is the Luna Park’s face; it is 30 feet wide. There are a list of rides like Rotor, Flying Saucer, Tango Train, Wild Mouse, and Tumblebug to name a few. There are also separate rides for kids like Whirly Wheel, U-Drive, etc.

Sydney Tower

Sydney Tower, tallest free standing structure in Sydney
Sydney Tower is the tallest free-standing structure in Sydney and the second tallest in Australia; it is called by various names such as Sydney Tower Eye, AMP Tower, Centrepoint, etc. This is one of the major tourist attractions of Sydney and can be seen from various vantage points across the city. The construction of the tower was over in the year 1975; public access was given only in the year 1981. The shopping center was connected to other areas of the tower in the year 2009; this is when the large illuminated “Westfield” logo came into place. Four sections of the tower are opened to public; this includes restaurants, observation deck, etc. The famous 360 revolving restaurant is at Level 1, Sydney Tower Buffet and Level 2 and Sky Venue, the highest event space in the entire southern hemisphere is at Level 3.

Taronga Zoo

Rustic Bridge at Taronga Zoo, designed with reminiscent of Italian grottoes
Taronga Zoo is yet another tourist attraction situated in the shores of Sydney Harbour and was officially opened in the year 1916. Taronga means “beautiful view” in the aboriginal word. This is one of the largest zoos in the world with over 2,600 animals spread across an area of 52 acres. The rustic bridge of the zoo was designed with reminiscent of Italian grottoes. There is a taronga ferry wharf available for the tourists to go around the zoo and is one of the preferred modes of transport.

Sydney Aquarium

Sharks at Sydney Aquarium

Image courtesy: Wikipedia
Sydney Aquarium is opened to public and is situated on the east side of Darling Harbour. This aquarium holds the largest collection of aquatic species of Australia with nearly 6,000 fishes. How will it be if sharks swim above your head? Does that sound terrifying? Don’t worry…this aquarium has acrylic glass tunnels and this is where the sharks move; this gives the visitors an impact of sharks moving above their head. Sydney Aquarium also holds a miniature or a recreation of “The Great Barrier Reef.”

Bondi Beach

Water breaking over rocks or Place where a flight of nullas took place
Panoramic View of Bondi Beach

Image courtesy: Wikipedia
Bondi Beach is a popular name in the area and one of the main points of tourist attraction. In the aboriginal word, bondi mean “water breaking over rocks” and according to the Australian Museum, bondi mean “place where a flight of nullas took place.” This beach holds a place in the Australian National Heritage List. Surfing is a major sport in this beach. Surf Live Saving Australia has given a rating of 4 to the northern end and 7 to the southern side in a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 mean safe and 10 mean hazardous.

Darling Harbour

Panoramic View of the Darling Harbour

Image courtesy: Wikipedia
Darling harbour is situated very close to Sydney city center and one of the largest recreational areas on the outskirts of Sydney Central Business District. There are lots of tourist attractions near Darling harbour; some of them include: 
  • Harbourside Shopping Centre
  • Tumbalong Park
  • Powerhouse Museum
  • Sydney Aquarium

Blue Mountains

Panoramic view of the Blue Mountains with Three Sisters on the far left

Image courtesy: Wikipedia
The foot hills of these Blue Mountains starts roughly around 50 km west of the state capital and extends towards the west of Coxs River. At different elevations, one can experience different climatic conditions; the weather ranges from subzero to 22 degrees centigrade. At the higher ridges, major vegetation is eucalyptus plants and on the sheltered gorges, one can witness rainforests. Blue Mountains became a part of UNESCO World Heritage list on November 2000. What is there for tourists at Blue Mountains? There are a number of tourist attractions like: 
  • The Giant Staircase; this provide natural walk along the valley and passes very close to Three Sisters, the natural sandstone rock formation.
  • Limestone caves called the Jenolan Caves.
  • Toy museum
  • Apple orchards at Shipley Plateau.
  • The Zig Zag Railway


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