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29 May, 2013

What to See in Africa

Africa is rich in flora and fauna, wildlife safaris and natural and man-made wonders. Don’t miss to see the following places of attraction when in Africa:

Waterfalls, aren’t they beautiful to look at? Imagine a scene of water gushing down to land at full speed…wow. Have you tried throwing stones in the water or leaving paper boats on them? I definitely have enjoyed making paper boats and leaving them on water. Here is a list of 8 highest waterfalls of Africa. 

Top 5 Tourist Attractions of Mauritius

Mauritius is definitely one of the popular travel destinations among travelers. Mauritius is a small island situated off the southeast coast of Africa. Mauritius is divided into five zones, namely, Northern Touristic Zone, East, South East, West, and the Interior. Mauritius is famous for its sandy white beaches, coral reefs, stunning scenery and warm climate. I present you with some of the best and must see tourist attractions in Mauritius Island.


Top 10 Man-Made Wonders of Egypt

Seven Wonders of the World is something that all of us are aware of; there are several man-made wonders all around the world and these are prominent landmarks of a particular country. Say for example, when we say France the first thing that comes to our mind is the Eiffel Tower. This holds true for any country like the United States of America, United Kingdom, India, Italy, etc. Every country has some unique landmarks; here are the top 10 man-made landmarks of Egypt listed in alphabetical order



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