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17 October, 2011

Seven Wonders of Colombia

Seven wonders, when we hear this we are reminded of various wonders like Colossus of Rhodes, Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal, etc., but how about knowing the seven wonders of Colombia? This was based on a competition sponsored by El Tiempo, a newspaper; these wonders are definitely a must-see tourist destinations.

  1. Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá
The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira, seven wonders of Colombia
Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá is the first wonder among the seven wonders of Colombia with 6,654 votes from the people. This is an underground Roman Catholic Church and is one of the most prominent and famous Colombian architectural achievements.

The salt deposits were formed nearly 250 million years ago and this cathedral is located in a town called Cundinamaraca Department, 49 km north of Bogota. There are three main sections in the cathedral that symbolizes the birth, life and death of Jesus Christ; these are

  1. The Stations of the Cross
  2. The Dome
  3. The three naves
Other places of attraction in the Salt Park include “The Sacred Axis,” The Salt Dome, The Brine Museum and The Salt Auditorium.

  1. Las Lajas Sanctuary
Las Lajas Sanctuary, Colombia

Image source: Wikipedia
Las Lajas Sanctuary got a total of 5,057 votes to become the second wonder of Colombia. It is a basilica church and a best example for Gothic revival architecture. The sanctuary is built inside the Canyon of Guaitara River. Laja is the name of a flat sedimentary rock that is found abundant in Andes Mountains and therefore called the Las Lajas Sanctuary. It was believed that the apparition of Virgin Mary was seen at this place.

  1. San Augstin Archaeological Park
Stone sculpture in San Agustin Archaeological Park

Image via flickr
San Agustin Archaeological Park is the third wonder of Colombia with 4,680 votes; it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One can find a lot of skillful representation of various Gods and mythical animals in this archaeological park of Colombia. The entire archaeological site occupies over 2,000 sq.kms. Some of the notable monuments in this park are Las Mesitas, the Bosque de Las Estatuas, etc.

  1. Military Architecture of Cartagena de Indias
Military architecture of Cartagena de Indias

Image source: Flickr
With 4,389 votes, the military architecture of Cartagena de Indias took the fourth spot in the seven wonders of Colombia. The coral stone forts and parts of the walled city are nearly 500 years old and are the best example of the military architecture of Cartagena de Indias; these are one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  1. Ciudad Perdida
A boulder believed to be the map of areas around Ciudad Peridada, The Lost City

Image source: Wikipedia
Ciudad Perdida won 4,373 votes to secure the fifth spot among the seven wonders of Colombia. In Spanish, Ciudad Perdida means “The Lost City.” It is an archaeological site and is believed to be founded close to 800 AD. This is one of the best places to see small streams and waterfalls; be aware of the sting of mosquitoes and do not forget to carry mosquito repellents with you when you travel to Ciudad Perdida.

  1. Tierradentro
The Tombs of Tierradentro, the National Archaeological park

Image source: Wikipedia
Tierradentro was elected as one of the seven wonders of Colombia with 2,787 votes. This is a National Archaeological Park in Inza, Colombia and is one of the UNESCO’s world heritage sites. This is the best place to see huge underground tombs; these tombs are decorated with motifs and contain side chambers. Some of the well-known and must see underground tombs include Alto del Aguacate, Ioma de San Andres, Alto de Buende.

  1. Teatro de Cristobal Colon or Teatro Colon
Tetra Colon's facade, seven wonders of Colombia

Image source: Wikipedia
This national theatre received 2,785 votes totally, secured the seventh spot, and became one of the wonders of Colombia; this is the best example of Neoclassical style architecture. Teatro Colon was built by the Italian architect Pietro Cantini, inaugurated in the year 1892, and declared as a national monument in 1975. The scheme used in this theater is similar to a horseshoe.

Are you planning to visit Colombia, do not miss to visit these seven wonders of Colombia. If visiting Colombia is not on your cards, it is time to accommodate space in your travel calendar for Colombia and visiting these seven wonders.


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