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20 October, 2011

World’s Best Revolving Restaurants

How about relishing the food as well taking a panoramic view of the beautiful and gorgeous looking city? Is it possible to sit at one place, eat as well enjoy the view of the city? Yes…this is where revolving restaurants come into place. You can enjoy the beautiful looking city by sipping a cup of coffee or munching your favorite sandwich. There are more than 60 revolving restaurants around the world; here is a small collection of some of the world’s best revolving restaurants.

  1. 360 Restaurant, CN Tower, Toronto
360 Restaurant, CN Tower, Toronto

Image courtesy: travelandleisure

How about a magnificent view of the city at a height of more than 351 meters? Sounds great…if yes, 360 restaurant at CN Tower, Toronto is a must-see revolving restaurant. This restaurant promises elevation as complimentary with every main course that you order…how is that? One another significant feature of this revolving restaurant is the world’s highest wine cellar; this was created to resemble an underground wine cellar. 360 Restaurant, CN Tower has received an award for the “Most Romantic restaurant” in the WHERE Magazine Reader’s Poll; do not forget to take your spouse to this restaurant if you are a romantic couple.

  1. Alto Tower Restaurant, Black Mountain Tower, Canberra
Alto Tower Restaurant, Canberra
Alto Tower Restaurant is the only revolving restaurant in Canberra; this rotates 360 degrees in nearly 85 minutes and gives viewers a breathtaking experience accompanied by excellent food. The best time to dine at Alto Tower Restaurant is during the sunset; viewers are sure of getting a stunning view of Canberra.

  1. Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant, Harbour Centre, Vancouver
Inside the Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant, Harbour Centre, Vancouver

Image courtesy: topofvancouver
Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant aims at not only giving you a fine dining experience, but also out of the ordinary view of the city. It takes nearly 60 minutes or 1 hour to complete one revolution. The windows are angled in such a way that you will get a scenic view of the city, its mountains and oceans. Glass skylift elevators are an added attraction; one can get an excellent view of the city when going in this elevator too.

  1. Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant, Prima Tower, Singapore
Dining Area of Prima Tower Revovling Restaurant

Courtesy: Wikipedia
Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant is one of the longest established restaurant in Singapore (established in the year 1977) atop grain silo. You will be able to get a clear view of the entire Singapore city and the Sentosa Island Resort. This revolving restaurant is led by Hong Kong Master Chef Chan; do not forget to relish Peking duck, the signature dish of the restaurant.

  1. Drehrestaurant Allalin, Saas-Fee, Switzerland
Arrangement of tables and the outside view from Drehrestaurant Allalin, Switzerland

Courtesy: Drehrestaurant Allalin
This is the world’s highest revolving restaurant atop a glacier that is 11,000 ft above sea level. You are sure to get an excellent view of the Alps from the highest revolving restaurant in the world, Drehrestaurant Allalin, Switzerland. They offer special power breakfast at sunrise at 3,500 m above sea level every Thursday during the months July and August.

  1. SkyCity, Space Needle, Seattle
Inside view of SkyCity, Eye of the Needle, Seattle

Courtesy: Wikipedia
SkyCity was initially named “Eye of the Needle” and feature a 14-foot deep carousel-dining floor. It takes nearly 45 minutes for 1 revolution. This is the best place to enjoy dazzling and radiant waters of Puget Sound, skyscrapers of the city, Cascade Mountains, and much more, totally, the most excellent place to get the picturesque view of the Seattle city.

Enjoy your food along with the panoramic views of the city in these revolving restaurants!


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