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04 January, 2012

Lovely Lowland Castles around the World

Castles, when we say this we all knew about castles that are built on hilltops; how about knowing castles that are built on lowlands or valleys? Are you thinking whether such castles really exist? Yes…here is some of the lovely lowland or plain castles around the world.

Lowland castles are castles that are built or situated on lowlands, valleys or plain. These lowland castles are also called as “Plain Castles.” There are so many lowland castles around the world; Germany holds a record of having 34% of lowland castles or plain castles.

  1. Caerlaverock Castle, Scotland 
Caerlaverock Castle, Scotland (Category A listed building and a triangular shaped castle)

Image courtesy: wikipedia
Caerlaverock Castle belongs to the category called water castle as it uses water as a defensive obstacle. This is a Category A listed building in Scotland. One of the unique features of this plain castle is that it is a triangular shaped castle; this itself a very unique feature among British castles. There are three lengths of defensive curtain wall and their three angles are linked by higher corner towers. The north tower has an impressive twin-towered gatehouse.

  1. Castle Stalker, Scotland 
Castle Stalker, Scotland (The best-preserved surviving medieval tower house)

Image courtesy: wikipedia
Castle Stalker belongs to the category called island castles; a variation of water castle. These island castles in general will not have moats or shield wells as they are normally separated from the shore by a minimum of two water bodies. Castle stalker is a four-storey tower house and is considered one of the iconic romantic images of Scotland. This is one of the best-preserved surviving medieval tower houses in Western Scotland.

  1. Château de Sully-sur-Loire, France
Chateau de Sully-sur-Loire, France (Classic example of medieval fortress, Monument Historique in France)
 Château de Sully-sur-Loire belongs to water castle category; this wonderful castle has been converted to a palatial seigniorial (seigneur means a feudal lord in French) residence. This castle is a classic example of medieval fortress with its high towers and deep moats. French Ministry of Culture has declared this Château de Sully-sur-Loire Castle as monument historique, which is a National Heritage Site of France.

  1. Warwick Castle, England 
Warwick Castle, England (A best example of river castle)
Warwick Castle belongs to river castle category; a river castle is one that is erected on a river bank. These river castles are surrounded by moats that are filled by water from the river in which the castle is erected. This castle is erected on the River Avon in the county town of Warwickshire; it has a sandstone bluff also known as the sandstone cliff. Some of the attractions include a bird show called the “Flight of the Eagles,” archery displays, a live actor performance similar to London Dungeon called the “The Castle Dungeon;” this list of attractions doesn’t end here.

  1. Malbork Castle, Poland 
Castle of Malbork, Poland (World's largest castle by area)
Malbork Castle is the largest castle in the world in terms of area and is one of the finest examples of medieval fortress; this was also the largest brick castle in the world when completed in the year 1406. There are various subdivisions as well as multiple layers of defensive walls in Malbork Castle. There are three castles, namely, the High, Middle and Lower Castles and these are separated by several moats and dry towers.

Visit these plain castles or lowland castles if you are planning to visit any of these countries; these castles boasts of the excellent architecture of the past and a must visit tourist attraction.


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