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06 January, 2012

Unique and Unusual Hotels around the World

Hotels, are all of them just buildings? Nah…there are some unique hotels around the world; they range from hotels on trees, prison converted into a hotel, hotels in cave, hotels made of salt, etc. Let us have a look at some of these unique hotels around the world.

  1. Library Hotel, New York City 
The Poetry and Garden themed bookmarks lounge, Library Hotel

Courtesy: Library Hotel
Library Hotel in New York City is one of its kinds when it comes to luxury boutique hotels. There are ten floors in the hotel and the unique feature of this hotel is that each floor is assigned a category based on Dewey Decimal System; Dewey Decimal System is a proprietary system used for library classification. Each of these categories has a subcategory too.

Third floor is categorized as Social Sciences with subcategories called Law, Money, World Culture, Economics, Political Science, and Communication, Fourth floor is categorized as Language with subcategories called Ancient Language, Middle Eastern Language, Asian Language, Germanic Language, Romance Language, and Slavic Language. Similarly each and every floor has a unique classification; Fifth floor is Math and Sciences, Sixth floor is Technology, Seventh floor is Arts, Eight floor is Literature, Ninth floor is History, Tenth floor is General Knowledge, Eleventh floor is Philosophy and Twelfth floor is Religion. You get a set of books as complement when you stay in this hotel apart from other complimentary amenities. How nice it would be to read a book in a cozy and comfy bed with a cup of hot coffee?

  1. Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas
The pyramid shaped Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas Strip

Image courtesy: wikipedia
Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada is a unique and unusual hotel because it is shaped in the form of a pyramid. This hotel contains 4,400 rooms and this includes 442 suites. Luxor Hotel is the third largest hotel in the world and second largest hotel in Las Vegas. The main portion of the hotel is a 30-story pyramid, 820,000 cu. meters atrium, and a 34 meter tall obelisk. The guest rooms are situated on the outer walls; they can be reached using inclinators which are available in the inner surface.

Indulge yourself in the spas or have a great splash in the swimming pool or shop in the 29 retail stores. Now you too can say that you have stayed in the pyramid and played in it even though you have not visited the pyramids in the Egypt; how nice…

  1. Treetops Hotel, Kenya
Treetops Hotel (No see, No Pay policy hotel in Kenya)

Image courtesy: wikipedia
 Treetops Hotel is in Kenya at 1,965 meters above sea level on the Aberdare Range. This hotel was first opened as a treehouse on the tree tops of Aberdare National Park to help visitors get better view of the wildlife of the park. Treetops Hotel currently has 50 rooms. This hotel gained popularity when Queen Elizabeth II accede the throne after her father’s death. Another reason for the popularity is the “No See, No Pay” policy; this means the guests are not charged if they are not able to see any big game.

It is the best hotel to watch wildlife if you can adhere to certain strict rules of them; these stringent rules are:

  1. It is just an overnight destination; therefore only an overnight luggage will be allowed.
  2. There is a low level decibel restriction as the animals are very sensitive to sounds; guests are banned from wearing hard-soled footwear.
Watch the wildlife from these treetops and am sure this safari will be a memorable one.

  1. Langholmen Hotel, Stockholm
Langholmen Hotel (A prison with 500 cells converted to a hotel in Stockholm)

Image courtesy: Langholmen Hotel
Langholmen Hotel was once a prison with 500 cells, but now converted to a hotel. This hotel was once the biggest prison in Sweden before being converted as a hotel. There is a museum too in this hotel. This hotel boasts of a beach, jogging circuits and promenade trails. The hotel rooms are termed as cells and they say that you get your own key to your cell.

  1. Palacio de Sal, Salar de Uyuni
Palacio de Sal (Hotel made completely of salt in Salar de Uyuni)

Image courtesy: wickedreport
How about visiting and staying in a hotel that is completely made of salt? It is just not the walls or ceilings that are made of salt, but even chairs, tables, cots, decorations are made of salt. Palacio de Sal is termed the largest salt flat in the world. There are totally 16 rooms in this salt hotel resembling an igloo. Relax and rejuvenate yourself in the dry sauna or steam room. Do not forget to take a dip in the saltwater pool or the whirlpool bath. Staying in a hotel completely made of salt will definitely be a very unique experience.

Enjoy your stay in these unique as well as unusual hotels! Hope the cost doesn’t put a hole in your pocket!


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